Aerobics class

We exercise, weight-train and dance

Bodystyling is an effective form of exercise which helps you to shape and firm up your whole body. You can also focus on one area which you are unhappy with like the bottom, abdomen or thighs.

Problem zones – exercise for strengthening of problem zones using your own body weight. Exercise is accompanied by rhythmic music with an emphasis on correct technique.

Sexy dance (similar to Dance aerobics), is an aerobic exercise class combining elements of aerobics and Latin American dance compiled into a final choreography when learned step by step. The ideal combination of sport and dance

Zumba is a dance fitness programme where elements of Latin American dances are used to the accompaniment of dynamic Latin American music in individual songs, combined with elements of aerobics. Attractive choreography with fast and slow rhythms in turn, i.e. - this is an activity based on the principle of interval training.

Express training is a 30-minute class with an emphasis on strengthening muscle groups in the lower part of the body. Aids such as steps and mats etc. are used while exercising.