Relaxation Smíchov

Relaxation – opening hours 10:00 – 21:00

Operating hours of saunas:

Small sauna (90 degrees) – 10:00-15:00

Large Finnish sauna (90 degrees) – 15:00-21:00

Herbal sauna (60 degrees) – 15:00-21:00

A place for your rest and relaxation

Factory Pro in Smíchov offers an attractive place for your rest and regeneration of muscles after exercising. You can access a whirlpool, Finnish sauna, bio sauna, herbal sauna, place to cool down your body, cooling buckets, 2 resting rooms, showers and a wonderful bar to sit and chat, all in our relaxation zone.

1. Sauna:

Sauna has a healing effect on our bodies. Attending sauna is recommended by physicians as a way to prevent colds, flu and other infectious diseases. Toxins are driven out of your body during the procedure and it also positively affects your mental state. After a high temperature sauna comes a cold shower. Because of this, sauna is not recommended for people with high blood pressure and other cardiovascular issues.

Finnish sauna – 90C temperature with 5% humidity for people who are looking for the classic sharp sauna experience to relax and help their immunity.

Bio sauna – humid sauna with 60C temperature and 35% humidity. More relaxed and not as intense as a Finnish sauna for people who do not like the high temperatures of the Finnish type (currently out of service).

Herbal sauna – 60C temperature with 50% humidity, meant for relaxation and inhalation of steamed herbs.

2. Whirlpool

Whirlpool can help you with pains of your back, neck, legs and feet. Correctly aimed massaging jet streams can relax your muscles and stimulate their blood flow. Periodic use of a whirlpool can help alleviate both physical and mental pain.

3. Solárium Smíchov:

Our exclusive horizontal solarium in Smíchov offers you comfort and a much needed rest. EXCELLENCE 900 Turbo Power has extra strength for intense longterm tanning, while you spend your time in a room with comfortable temperature and ventilated air.


1 minute 15
Happy weekend: 1 minute 10
Pick up your bonus card at the reception. With it, you will get one session for free after every tenth session.

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