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Classic group lessons

3D PUMP – Strength endurance training with a loading axis, based on basic movements, where the emphasis is on technique and correct execution.  It is combined into short combinations and sets to develop fitness.  The training is suitable for men and women.

TABATA – is a type of high-intensity interval training – from the English abbreviation HIIT.  It is one of the most effective exercises for losing weight – burning fat.  Thanks to it, the body continues to burn fat long after you have stopped excercising.

CORE TRAINING – training leading to properly activated deep muscles of the torso, i.e. “core”.  It is about correction, exercise and movement activities focusing on stabilization with an emphasis on correct posture, correction of imbalances, dysfunction and stabilization of the spine.  With regular and initial exercise, you will achieve strengthening of the core in your body.

CARDIO BOX – aerobic training to music using elements from boxing aimed at increasing physical condition, endurance and strength.  The lesson is dynamic, suitable for both men and women.

BODY WORKOUT – a dynamic lesson aimed at burning fat, shaping and strengthening the core of the body.  Active strengthening especially of the abdomen, buttocks and hands.  Lesson suitable for both men and women.

BODYSTYLING – endurance and strength exercise for everyone. These lessons combine basic elements of aerobic with strength training using your own body weight. The goal is to burn fat and strengthen your whole body. The gradual learning of the movements is aided by dynamic music. Even hard work can be fun!

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING – exercising with a goal to achieve a „functional body, using elements of the whole body with a focus on the deep stabilization systems. Intense training which uses your own weight as well as few small pieces of exercising equipment.

DANCE (variant of Dance aerobic) – aerobic exercise lesson, in which we combine elements of aerobic and Latin dance. These elements are then slowly formed into the final choreographic performance. An ideal combination of sport and dance.

SHUFFLE DANCE – a mix of modern dance styles. Dominant step variations include Running man and T-Step.  During the shuffle dance, the whole body dances and the mind relaxes. This dynamic dance is a perfect cardio workout and a great mood is guaranteed after this exercise.

STREET DANCE – the so-called street dance that developed directly in the streets, school yards and dance clubs.  But it has its own rules, you can work up a sweat with it, but you can also relax and have fun.

CONTEMPORARY DANCE – modern dynamic, expressive dance where you can express your feelings and thoughts.  Open your mind and say it with dance. With this style, you will relax and get rid of any anxiety or stress.

PILATES – a slow form of exercise in which you can achieve a  flexible and strong body.  Carefully executed movements and series of pulls represent a harmony between exercise and relaxation in conection with beautiful music.  The lesson is also suitable for men.  It develops your flexibility.

YOGA – slow, calm form of movement in asanas. It’s very important to focus on your breathing, feel the effects of all of the positions, relax and breathe steadily. The lessons are not sorted by the type of yoga, because each instructor in our club has their style. We recommend you try it out first and see which one suits you the best.