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Group lessons – The group lessons offered in Smíchov

You can find both classic group lessons as well as the world-renowned Less Mills programs!
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Les Mills

Les Mills is a world-renowned and popular concept, which combines all of the fitness disciplines for both men and women of all levels of physical ability. The lessons are designed to effectively combine strength training and cardio and thus help to create a balance of body and mind. You will love the great music and the original exercise.

We currently offer 6 programs of this widely popular exercise style with licensed Les Mills instructors

BODYPUMP® – intense 60-minute long exercise with a dumbbell, during which you exercise all the main muscle groups. The lessons consist of a wide variety of movements, such as squats, push-ups, pull-ups and others. The basic idea of this program is to repeat certain elements with a lower weight, so that the muscles are working for a longer time and thus are formed according to your wishes. You will be highly motivated to perform thanks to the dynamic music and our instructors. Recommended for both men and women.

BODYATTACK® – Highly energetic training, combining athletic elements such as running and jumping with strength training, squats and lunges. It’s an intense lesson for both men and women, but worth it.

BODYBALANCE® – Slow form of exercise with a set of movements borrowed from yoga, tai chi and Pilates. The goal is to achieve flexible and strong body. Carefully done movements and pulls in combination with beautiful music provide harmony between exercise and relaxation. Recommended for both men and women.

GRIT® (cardio/strength) – 30-minute intense world-class interval training, combining athletic, aerobic and strength training elements. Intensity is the name of the game here, but you can choose your own level of it. Because of that can GRIT® be recommended to anyone looking for quick and effective exercise with visible results and achievable goals.

CXWORX® – quick, effective 30-minute training focused on the strengthening of belly muscles and glutes. It uses exercising elastic rubber and small weights. The lessons combine the best from personal training with the energy of a group lesson. Recommended for both men and women.

SH´BAM® – extremely fun lessons combining dance elements from different styles. It burns fat and helps your endurance. You will definitely sweat a lot, lose weight and have fun. Recommended especially for women, but we also happily welcome men.


Classic group lessons

BODYSTYLING – endurance and strength exercise for everyone. These lessons combine basic elements of aerobic with strength training using your own body weight. The goal is to burn fat and strengthen your whole body. The gradual learning of the movements is aided by dynamic music. Even hard work can be fun!

PROBLEM ZONES – exercise designed for the strengthening of problematic muscle groups, while using the weight of your own body. The exercise is accompanied by rhytmical music with a focus on the correct form of the movement.

SEXY DANCE (variant of Dance aerobic) – aerobic exercise lesson, in which we combine elements of aerobic and Latin dance. These elements are then slowly formed into the final choreographic performance. An ideal combination of sport and dance.

ZUMBA – dance fitness program, during which we use Latin-American music and rhythms combined with aerobic elements. The choreography consists of both quick and slow movements. This activity is based on the interval training principles.

FUNCTIONAL TRAINING – exercising with a goal to achieve a „functional body, using elements of the whole body with a focus on the deep stabilization systems. Intense training which uses your own weight as well as few small pieces of exercising equipment.

PILATES – slow form of exercising, which is focused on the strengthening of your muscles in the whole body, especially on your stomach, back and pelvis. We will teach you the proper movement and breathing techniques.

YOGA – slow, calm form of movement in asanas. It’s very important to focus on your breathing, feel the effects of all of the positions, relax and breathe steadily. The lessons are not sorted by the type of yoga, because each instructor in our club has their style. We recommend you try it out first and see which one suits you the best.