Time-unrestricted access with the Multisport card, with all of the club activities available to you in one session

  • Access to the gym once a day, both in the Smíchov and Hradčanská branch (only 90 minutes in the gym allowed in the Hradčanská branch due to the capacity of the club)
  • Once a day access to all the group lessons in the Smíchov branch
  • Access to the relaxation zone in Smíchov, restricted to 60 minutes of use. Sheets cost 20 crowns per one.

Are you coming to us with your Multisport card for the first time?

Our receptionist will take a photo of you and you’ll have to fill out a very short registration form. You will need your ID and your Multisport card. After that you get an access card from us and you can go exercise.
Each time you come, just shows your Multisport card and we will give you a temporary access card.

What if your company does not offer the Multisport card?

Check out our paymant plans and exercise smartly at the Factory Pro branches.
We accept the Multisport card in both of our branches, Factory Pro Smíchov and Factory Pro Hradčanská. It’s valid for access to the gym, all of the group lessons and the relaxation zone.