Prostor Fitness je u nás rozdělen do šesti sektorů(zón) – posilovna, kardio, hard and heavy, zóna pro funkční trénink, strečinková zóna a prostor určený pro osobní tréninky.



We picked all the best machines from each of the main fitness brands. You can find everything in our gym, such as Gym 80, a premium series of weight lifting machines with the ability to work independently on both sides and thus can alleviate the differences between a stronger and weaker parts of the body. We also have weight lifting machines Human Sport, aimed at full-body training. From there you can move to the comfortable series of machines called Inspiration from the American company Star Trac as well as the Czech weight lifting machines from Grün Sport. All of our machines are designed for a natural, simple and effective strength training of all the parts of your body.