Les Mills

A unique exercise system, try out six types of classes

Les Mills is a concept which is popular the world over, with classes designed in such a way as to effectively combine fitness and cardio, as to develop and create harmony between mind and body. You will be thrilled by the great music, original exercises, you will feel drive and enthusiasm.

BODYPUMP®: intensive sixty-minute exercise with a dumbbell, where you train all of the main muscle groups with the aid of the most effective exercises, such as squats, push-ups, lifts and so on. The basis is repetition with a lower weight to put load on the muscles for longer and to ensure shaping of selected zones. In combination with dynamic music, under the guidance of experienced instructors, you will quickly achieve the desired result. This type of training is suitable for men and women.

BODYATTACK® is high-energy training combining athletic elements such as running and jumping and power training, for example squats or lunges. This intensive form of exercise for men and women is exhausting, but the feeling of success is worth it.

GRIT STRENGTH® intensive, world class interval training. The basic element of this type of training is the intensity, which each person chooses himself or herself and this is why GRIT is suitable for all those who want to quickly and effectively achieve their training goals and see the results.

BODYBALANCE ® is a combination of yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates exercises based on the flexibility and firmness of the body. Combined with beautiful music, carefully performed exercises and a series of moves represent harmony between exercising and relaxation. The class is also suitable for men.

CXWORX® is fast and effective thirty-minute training focused on strengthening and shaping the abdominal muscles and buttocks. A combination of the very best of a personal training session with the energy of group exercise. This type of training is used by men and women.

SH´BAM® this is a combination of various dance styles and intensities during which you burn off a lot of fat and improve your fitness. You work up a good sweat during this, lose weight and have fun. The class is in particular attractive for women.